Areas to be treated:

  • Glabellar (frown area)
  • Horizontal lines on forehead
  • Crows'feet (around eyes)
  1. area eg frown lines..............£160
  2. areas..............£220
  3. areas..............£280

Other treatments: Hyperhydrosis (excess sweating)

Blepharospasm (twitch of eyelid.) Prices given at consultation.


Cost varies depending on area, amount and type of filler. Treatments are from £195 and quoted at time of free consultation.

Restylane Vital for hands and decolte area ...£220. a course of 3 is recommended. Other products may be used and discussed at consultation.

Dermaroller: with small bottle of serum and small pot of cream to take home. £150 session.

Course of three paid in advance...£400

Mesotherapy . Price given at Consultation depending on products used.

Medical consultation
£60 to include any letter of referral to a consultant or referral for Xray or scanning.

  • scanning or a prescription...
  • Blood tests...Price according to the test.
  • Cervical cytology (Smears)(results in approx. 2 days)...£110

If this should shows borderline or mild changes, an HPV DNA test will be done at no extra charge. If the findings are more abnormal than borderline or mild, a recommendation for referral for colposcopy will be given.

Complimenatry therapies.

  • Reflexology: £60 hour.
  • Reiki : if for pain in one or two areas...£15

Therapeutic Massage combined with reiki or reflexology: Quoted at time of free consultation

Prices may vary.