September 2013

The Privacy and one to one consultancy and care Angela gives, makes a big difference from the impersonal, expensive, central London practices I tried before. The professionalism of a central London practice with the convenience of a personal and private service in Wandsworth. I was thrilled with the results.
Philippa, 50. London SW17

January 2014

The first time I had Botox I was very nervous, but Angela put me totally at ease. Since then I have continued to have both Botox and fillers when needed, she is extremely careful and professional and I would never go anywhere else.
Mrs M. Yorkshire

February 2014

Angela takes great care to ensure the treatment you receive is right for you. She is careful, for example, not to 'over do' which is a tendency with so many of the expensive clinics. I am in my late forties and have been having Botox with Angela for 6 years... No one has ever asked if I do, plus, I constantly get compliments on how young I look and how good my skin is.
Mrs S. London SW3

April 2014

I've been going to Angela for Botox for the last 4 years. Previous to that I was going to a Harley Street clinic, which resulted in bad bruising. This is the reason I switched to Angela. Part of the reason for my treatment is that I have a twitch, which is much less prominent due to the treatment that Angela has been giving me. Angela undertook extensive research to ensure that she could treat my twitch and the treatment is always undertaken with the utmost care and precision. Needless to say Angela has never caused bruising.
M, London